Economics Holiday Programme

Content Mastery | Case Study Skills | Essay Writing Skills
for JC1s and JC2s

Do join us from 17 to 19 March 2020 at Indigo@BP!
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Indigo Centre for Economics

As a member of Indigo Group, we are one of the premier tuition centres in Singapore offering A-level and IB Economics tuition.


As one of the leading Economics tuition centres in Singapore, we specialize in an extensive range of Economics programmes catering to Sec IP 3/4 students, JC students, IB students and adults who desire to pursue Economics-related careers.

At Indigo, Economics goes beyond academics. It is about what happens in the world and how it affects our daily life. Our experienced Economics team emphasizes on not just equipping our students with strong content mastery to score distinction in examinations, but also nurturing them into well-informed global citizens.

Our Approach


We inculcate the ability to:
- dissect complex real-time economic events
- apply to varied question types and contexts
- formulate judgement

Key features:
- Application-based
- Advanced Learning
- Assessment, Analytics and Customized Solutions


Economics Advanced Learning Programme

Suitable for Sec 4/JC1 students who wish to learn the 2020 JC Economics syllabus in advance

A-level/IB Economics
Regular Tuition

Suitable for JC/IB students who wish to follow the teaching of the Economics syllabus in school consistently

A-level Economics
Modular Programme

Suitable for JC students who wish to be highly targeted in their learning of  A-level Economics

A-level Economics
Exam Crash Courses

Suitable for JC students making final preparations for the approaching examinations

A-level Economics
Assessment Programme

Topical assessments for JC students to assess where they stand, sharpen exam skills and receive personalized feedback to enhance performance

Applied Economics
Enrichment Programme

A career development programme for individuals looking to learn accountancy, business planning for business growth and M&A


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Our Track Record of Distinction


Comprising of experienced MOE tutors and corporate professionals with teaching backgrounds, our curriculum is carefully designed by our team based on the revised syllabus of A level H1 & H2 Economics. The curriculum is delivered by experienced teachers with more than 60 years of exam marking experience, marking above 8000 scripts per teacher in schools and whom have led teams in setting exam questions and standardisation of marking.


Senior Tutor, Economics

  • B. Sc (HONS), Economics, NUS
  • Dip. Ed, NUS
  • More than 25 years of teaching experience in NJC, AJC, YJC & HCI
  • Co-author of Indigo Publications
  • Student Development Counselor
Ms. Carol

Senior Tutor, Economics

  • B. Sc (HONS), Economics, NUS
  • 20 years of teaching experience in VJC & HCI
  • Co-author of Indigo Publications
  • Founder of Indigo Centre
  • Senior Budget Officer, Ministry of Finance
Mrs. Lim

Curriculum Specialist, Economics

  • M. So Sci (Economics)
  • B. Soc Sci (Honours)
  • B. Sc
  • NUS Research Scholarship
Mr Ueng

Curriculum Specialist, Economics

  • MSc (Applied Finance), SMU
Mr. Bennett Wong