Indigo's EAP is specially designed to enhance JC2 students’ confidence and readiness in the A-level examinations. It allows students to assess where they stand and sharpen their exam skills in handling case study questions (CSQ) and essays. If you are looking for specific and constructive feedback to enhance your performance, this is the programme for you!

Each EAP module consist of:

  1. A Topical Assessment Paper (either Paper 1 or Paper 2) to be completed on-site or at home

    Paper 1 is a CSQ paper comprising 2 set of case study questions of which both must be attempted. Paper 2 is an Essay paper comprising 3 essay questions of which 2 must be attempted.
  2. A detailed personalized report on the student's performance
  3. A 1.5 hour post-assessment workshop on examination techniques and trends (see below)

Post-assessment workshop dates & timings:

Price Theory & Market Failure
Paper 1 (CSQ): 10 Sept (Tue) 9am-10.30am
Paper 2 (Essays): 10 Sept (Tue) 10.30am-12pm

Firms & Decisions
Paper 1 (CSQ): 11 Sept (Wed) 9am-10.30am
Paper 2 (Essays): 11 Sept (Wed) 10.30am-12pm

Macroeconomic Aims & Policies
Paper 1 (CSQ): 12 Sept (Thur) 9am-10.30am
Paper 2 (Essays): 12 Sept (Thur) 10.30am-12pm

International Economics
Paper 1 (CSQ): 13 Sept (Fri) 9am-10.30am
Paper 2 (Essays): 13 Sept (Fri) 10.30am-12pm

How to complete an EAP Module:

  1. Click here to place an order for an EAP paper and make payment upon confirmation with Indigo
  2. Complete the question paper either on-site or at home
  3. Receive a personalized report on your performance
  4. Attend the corresponding post-assessment workshop on examination techniques and trends.


All EAP modules will be held at Balmoral Plaza 271 Bukit Timah Road, #B1-09, Singapore 259708

Pricing (inclusive of GST):

Indigo students: $128.40 per EAP Module
Non-Indigo students: $160.50 per EAP Module + One-off registration fee of $53.50

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