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Anderson Junior College

Indigo Economics lessons are in-depth and provide carefully chosen practices which are highly useful. The materials are very concise so they are a good complement to the school notes which helps to enhance the effectiveness of learning. The teacher is always very caring and looks after us. I can very well say that I have benefitted a lot from Mrs Ip’s lessons, and will make sure to do well for A-level.

- Kim Donggyu, AJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

Indigo has highly experienced teachers who have a clear understanding of their job scope. Lesson materials provided are excellent and help to substantiate and explain certain points covered in the lesson. Challenging curriculum is to be expected when joining Indigo econs classes.

- Calvin Teh, AJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Mrs. Ip is a very friendly and caring teacher who is sincerely concerned about student’s welfare. She is clear in her explanations in class and makes sure every student understand her lessons. The notes provided are also very comprehensive and well organised, allowing students to revise very effectively. This Indigo Economics program has really helped to revise for the A-levels and broadened my knowledge of Economics! Thank you Mrs. Ip!

- Fiona Liauw, AJC, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Indigo Econs program has helped me greatly over the past one and a half years, helping me reaffirm my concepts with clear explanations and fun lessons! I would describe this program as a very cohesive all-rounded program that provides good model essays and tips on how to tackle questions.

- Ho Jun Xian, AJC, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Everything is great, ensures good foundation so students don’t get lost. Clear and very comprehensive materials.

- Bryan Lim Yan Jie, AJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

My Econs has improved by a lot due to the frequent practice of the CSQs and essay outlines which I seldom attempt in school. Mrs. Ip is a very patient teacher and delivers the lesson well, making the lesson more interesting.

- Kong Qian Hui, AJC, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Materials are very detailed. It complements my school lessons very well. Mrs Ip's econs lesson is well-structured. The way she teaches is very clear.

- Yang Bixuan, AJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Catholic Junior College

The teachers are very friendly and always willing to help answer our questions and give feedback on our work. They are also very dedicated in teaching us and helping us achieve our grades. Indigo has really enriched my JC education, filling the information gaps that I had and some that I didn't even know I had. The teachers are really friendly and really knowledgeable in helping me bridge my info gaps.

- Wong Jin En Shannon, CJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Dunman High School

Materials provided are helpful, and lessons conducted allow students to learn through peer interaction. Lessons cover a wide range of questions.

- Priscilla Kor Shi Qi, DHS, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

I think the model essays for Economics really helped me to understand how to structure essays and provided a solid example to follow when writing my own essays. They also contained some less common arguments and evaluation points that I could use in my own exams.

- Huang Runchen, DHS, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Mrs Ip has extensive knowledge about Econs and be able to bring it across in a clear manner.

- Yang Yee, DHS, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Ms Shannon is engaging when conducting her lessons and the lesson materials are useful. I enjoy and look forward to Indigo lessons. They made me like and appreciate the subjects (GP and Econs) further. I am glad that I joined last year.

- Hu Jia Yi, DHS, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

The curriculum is well-structured and taught to students by experienced and dedicated teachers. Indigo is also useful and effective in one's learning process and has helped me to improve my grade.

- Rachel Yu Zhi Qi, DHS, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Eunoia Junior College

Economics lessons at Indigo helped me clarify any misconceptions I had and allowed me to get a deeper and clearer understanding of the subject through real-world examples. The materials and notes are concise, making studying for economics easy and convenient. Thank you for your guidance over the past 1.5 years! It has really helped me built my foundation in economics and improved my grades.

- Darren Sum, EJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

Indigo provides quality materials which consolidated my Economics learning, and frequent practices and feedback to familiarize myself with the economic concepts. Mrs Ip, thank you for your guidance in the past 1.5 years. My Economics question analysis skills improved greatly with your help, and I am more confident in doing well for Economics in my exams. Thank you!

- Chong Wei Xuan, EJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

Thanks you for the past 1.5 years of constant guidance in Econs!  Lessons at Indigo has really helped me improve my economics tremendously. It provided me with exposure to many different kinds of questions and taught me the correct technique to answer questions. Mrs Ip, I really enjoyed all your lessons!

- Li See Weng, EJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

Hwa Chong Institution

Economics lessons and materials are very clear in demonstrating the rigor required to answer questions. During class, teacher established the needed criteria for quality answers by dissecting the question requirements and guiding us through discussion. The lessons also provided us with a plethora of potential questions regarding the topics. Thank you teacher!

- Dillon Tan, HCI, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

I had a really wonderful experience with Indigo. Not only are the notes and pedagogy of stellar quality, the tutors are extremely supportive and the results really do show. 10/10 would recommend.

- Yeoh Su Jane, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Indigo has propelled my Econs grade from D to A*. I have benefited a ton from the lessons — not only re-established my foundation in Economics through constant revision of concepts, but gave me a reliable structure which improved my confidence when tackling Economics questions. Really a life saver.

- Soh Yee Kiat, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Indigo caters to students' needs and is extremely exam-focused, which is good for students who need supplementary information on top of what the school provides.

- Pang Xian Zheng, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Indigo teachers are able to explain the concepts well and the notes effectively summarises the content.

- Goh Xue Zhe, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Mrs Ip is great at explaining answering frameworks. I believe Indigo will help anyone as much as it has helped me.

- An Yeqi, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Good Economics notes. Lesson is easy to follow. Content mastery. Question analysis. Efficient teaching methods. Timed practice. I would promote the Indigo Econs program by sharing my experience with my friends and relatives.

- Shaun Ong, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Indigo has helped in developing my rigor in my answers as well as the proper framework and techniques in order to answer the questions. The materials are in depth and helpful, and Mrs. Ip is very knowledgeable and caring, always helping her students understand the content and context better.

- Lee Johann, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

The Indigo Economics programme is an initiative by the Indigo firm. It aims to increase the grades of students who have enrolled in the program. Overall, its success may be judged on the improvement of the preliminary exam results, which is an indicator of Economics H2 performance. My grades have improved from a constant E to C after joining Indigo for 3 months. Therefore, it can be said that my economics performance has improved. This may be because of Mrs. Ip pointing out super clearly what areas are required, and emphasizing that point over several lessons. Additionally, discussions during lessons have been extremely useful. Good teaching style and bringing in relevant examples are really helpful in keeping the lessons engaging. Out of syllabus stuff are also extremely fun and boost engagement.

- Elliot Chow, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Lessons proceed smoothly and have sufficient coverage every week. Mrs. Ip is very approachable and is knowledgeable on the subject and is always ready to attend to our queries. Lessons are engaging and let the class focus. The hands on practice are of good quality and help in testing concepts and time management.

- David Ang, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Notes are succinct. Covered a range of questions from various schools. Structured essays.

- Audrey Ong, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Materials, clearer idea of how to answer exam questions.

- Matthew Seah Joon Kai, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Different question types to practice on and detailed answer schemes.

- Leow Zhi Yun, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

The materials are useful for revision.

- Gloria Chan Hui En, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Benefited from the focus on application questions and advice on how to answer questions. Materials and answers given are relevant and applicable. Mrs Ip handles questions that we have well and can explain concepts in a clear and succinct way. Lessons try to link back to where we are at school now and are geared at our current level.

- Ang Rui Xuan, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

The pedagogy used by the teachers in Indigo played a highly essential part in helping me understand concepts better. Lessons always started out by outlining the basic concepts as well as must-knows of the topic we were touching on before plunging into the more analytical aspects. Most importantly, the teachers always placed clarity at the forefront of lessons, ensuring that students were invariably well acquainted with the fundamental concepts before they were taught more about the topic, a quality which greatly benefited an initially weak student like me. The materials used here are of consistent standard and well-varied, including conceptual handouts, extra readings, essays and case-studies. I found the exam notes here particularly helpful. Pace of lessons was just right, with sufficient opportunities for practice, as well as periodical mock exams, both of which exposed me to the realistic conditions of an Economics exam.  

- Mattheus Wee Ern Hao, HCI, Indigo class of 2014, A in Econs

At Indigo, I learnt how to write Economics essays with greater rigor, also handle a wider scope of questions. Lessons focused on precision in concepts and understanding of contexts while constantly preparing us for exam to be firmly grounded on economic frameworks. Thank you Mrs Ip for the help offered, your advice has been valuable.  I really appreciate that you can pinpoint my problems and answer my queries online.

- Teoh Sean Keat, HCI, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

Indigo tuition has helped develop my passion and interest in Economics, and Mrs Ip was a great teacher.

- Tsoi Chee Chung, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Content is rich and enriching.

- So Wei Zheng, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

I think that the Econs resources provided are very comprehensive and coupled with tutors' clear explanations during lessons, it helps to give a extensive understanding of the various topics. Going through actual A level and other school questions are also useful in providing a reference and practical application of the content learnt.

- Ong Li Qun Bryan, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Mrs Ip is a good tutor that explains concepts clearly and provides additional information as well to supplement our learning. The notes given are also comprehensive and include many small details that certain help when answering questions. Indigo is a great choice for Econs tuition and it has certainly helped me alot at getting better at Econs.

- Cody Tan Zheng Hao, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

I think the Indigo Econs program is rather intensive. Content wise, there will be certain concepts that are taught in Indigo but not in school. These concepts can provide you with a comparative advantage over your peers. You also need not worry about the lack of practice, as there will be at least one essay or case study that you will need to do in class. Notes here are also of high quality, with very in depth analysis and explanations.

- Wu Jiaqi, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Indigo taught me how to dissect questions accurately with a proper framework so that we do not rush into questions directly without planning. Teaching materials were more than sufficient so as to aid me in learning. Had a great learning experience!! Thanks Mrs. Ip!

- Linus Ang, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

What made my time at Indigo particularly enriching, was how the lesson material actively drew connections to real world applications and examples, making it a lot easier to understand abstract concepts. Not only did this make the syllabus more relatable to our daily lives, it also helped to develop an awareness and interest for current affairs and the real time developments in the economic world, as well as, its ripple effects on the sociopolitical aspects of our lives. The notes by Indigo made it particularly easy to understand how marking schemes worked, with model essays providing a suitable platform for students to understand the demands of various question types, internalising essay writing techniques and skills. Eventually, under Indigo's care, I was able to achieve my A for Economics and I believe what made my time at Indigo especially worthwhile was how Mrs Ip genuinely cared about each student's progress, allowing her students to not only excel.

- Jeremy Teo, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Indigo’s wealth of materials is truly a great help to any student taking H1/H2 Economics in JC. Their defined and structured curriculum makes for an easy revision at the end of the 2 years with a wide range of materials that span answering techniques, concepts and notes. With the wide array of revision questions, I feel much more confident about being able to effectively dissect the question and apply my knowledge. Thank you Indigo!

- Eldrida Yeong, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

I think that the teaching pace is just right and there are clear lesson objectives every week so that we will be able to cover the syllabus thoroughly. Mrs. Ip is also very patient as well. Thank you!

- Chanel Lee, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

My economic concepts and fundamentals have become stronger and I feel more confident over my economics.

- Zac Lee Jun Wei, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Before I joined Indigo Economics, I was getting S/E for Economics. However, after going for the lessons, my grades improved to C/B. Also, I have benefited greatly from the lessons as it built my confidence as well as interest in the subject. It complements my school lessons very well as the teacher will teach according to the pace of the school curriculum and even the format of the examinations. As Mr Ip is once from HCI as well, she is well-informed of the standards our school requires. I find the material very useful, especially the phrasing of some Economics jargon. Mrs Ip is willing to answer questions and has cleared many of my doubts.

- Lim Swee Hoe, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Materials are good and detailed.

- Justin Foo Min Hua, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Concepts are brought across to the students clearly and the structure of answering different types of questions is clear. Materials are challenging and well-prepared with clear structures. Teacher is clear and her lessons is easy to follow and understand. The programme strengthens the concepts taught in school.

- Chen Zhao Feng, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

I have benefited immensely from the Economics program at Indigo. The explanations and insights of the concepts and various policies are detailed and clear which have greatly helped me in content mastery and application of concepts. The practice materials and model essays help us to reinforce our learning and check for gaps in our understanding. I think that the model answer essays are good for us to know about the requirements and organization of thoughts expected. The Economics Program has stimulated me to think more deeply about the economic problems and make connections to real world scenarios. It cultivates my critical thinking skills.·       

- Zhang Yiqi, HCI, Indigo class of 2014, A in Econs

I remembered joining Indigo at the start of J1, unsure and terrified of Economics and what it entailed. Through its superbly detailed, artfully crafted and well thought-out case study and essay notes, Indigo Economics provided me with a much-needed structure and foundation for tackling pertinent essay and case study questions. The teacher at Indigo were also extremely supportive of me, constantly checking in on my exam progress and staying up the extra hours just to patiently answer my economics questions.Thanks to Indigo, I discovered the beauty and developed a passion for the subject, and that passion and deeper insight to the subject fueled me to ace subsequent exams.

- Faith Tammy Wong, HCI, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

I enjoyed the lessons and I felt that Mrs Ip really helped to nurture my interest in Economics and allowed me to see the subject from a different perspective. Although I only joined the lesson 3 months ago I have learnt a lot and I am very grateful for all the support from my teacher.

- Tan Yan Yuh, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

In Indigo econs lessons, I like the rigour of the lessons whereby the teachers give many sample essays and allow for practice under time constraints. The teacher has a good grasp of the conceptual knowledge & is effective at transmitting ideas.

- See Rui En Daniel, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

My experience in Indigo has definitely been very positive, be it for GP or Econs. Tutors are patient and approachable when clarifying questions. Materials are useful and exam oriented.

- Lena Bao Xing Yu, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

The tutors here are earnest in helping students and I appreciate the help they have showered on me and this is evidently seen in my results thus far.

- Ang Choong Lyon Joshua, HCI, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

I felt that the notes given were extremely beneficial and has aided me in my learning and understanding of economics. Mrs. Ip was also very clear in her delivery of lessons and I have understood what she was trying to explain to us during the lessons. Thank you Mrs. Ip!

- Vera Peh, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Good notes, giving various perspectives. Good structure for essay.

- Li Chao, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

I like how the lessons are fast. I find it especially useful as it trains me to answer questions under exam condition. The program ensures that all topics are thoroughly covered such that I am adequately equipped with answering skills, techniques and able to craft economic analysis with rigour. The teacher would take the time to look through additional work that is done, providing ample opportunities for me to hone my writing skills.

- Emily Rachman, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Mrs. Ip is very clear in her delivery of lessons, she makes a conscientious effort to check with us individually and see if we understand her lessons. The notes given are very specific and exam focused and this makes learning bite sized and less difficult. There is sufficient practice given every week on a variety of topics and serve as a good weekly revision from school lessons. Thank you Mrs. Ip for being so patient in explaining concepts to us!!

- Elaine Yeo, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Having joined Indigo just 2 months before the A levels examinatioms, I was on the brink of giving up on economics. Thankfully, Mrs Ip's explanations and skills training allowed me to view economics from a different perspective. Soon, I was able to easily apply the Economic concepts to my questions, and I slowly developed confidence in myself in the short 2 months. My results jumped drastically from a U to a B in prelims, before I finally achieved an A in A Levels. The drastic improvement in grades was definitely unexpected and impossible to achieve without the help of Mrs Ip!

- Celine Yoong, HCI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Econs programme has helped me to distill the econs content into something that I can digest and organise. The practices also allow me to be more aware of the answering techniques and be a bit more confident of it. Teacher is interesting and brings in additional content to complement and break the monotony of the lesson.

- Tan Wei Lin Gregory, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

The lessons have enabled me to think faster using economic analysis. Materials provide a wider scope of questions and technique of answering essay and case study questions, which allows me to do better in school, especially when I encounter similar questions types during test. Also, the lessons reinforce what I have learnt in school such that I have better understanding of the concepts.

- Yap Yun Ting, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Clarity explanation of concepts by Mrs Ip helps me see things in perspective. Helps me clarify my concepts as well.

- Wang Shi Yao, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Teaching is easy for me to follow. Materials are very comprehensive and detailed. They are very helpful in my learning and understanding of concepts. The teacher (Mrs Ip) is able to answer our doubts well.

- Lim Yan Peng Gary, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Clear explanation of Economics concepts.

- Khor Wei Sean, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Mrs Ip is a very helpful and caring teacher. She is very patient and knowledgeable and will always check on students' progress. The material indigo provides (e.g. model essays and case study practices) are very relevant to our curriculum, and has definitely benefited every one of us in terms of skills and content learning. Learning in Indigo has been an extremely fun and enriching experience as there are a lot of class discussions and laughter!

- Claire Ong, HCI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Innova Junior College

Dear Mrs Ip, it has been a joyous ride during my time at Indigo, I have learned to like, as well as tackle, Economics questions. I admire your passion and rigor in teaching the subject, and imparting relevant knowledge. I will treasure the memories created here at Indigo and I wish you the best in your efforts to continue enlightening future generations.

- Max Yeo, IJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

National Junior College

Indigo is very flexible and accommodating to address my weaknesses in learning Economics. For example, my teacher would go through and clarify my doubts of a school exam paper after class. Indigo also provides excellent revision resources with suggested answers and content summaries. I am also very happy that there are multiple time slots for me to select for make-up lessons, making it very convenient.

- Yong Chang Jun, NJC, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Nanyang Junior College

I am very glad I chose Indigo for Economics tuition as I saw so much improvements in my Economics grade ! The centre has provided me with enriching material that helps to breakdown the different topics to facilitate learning and understanding of the subject. I came into Indigo when I was barely passing economics and with Ms Ip’s guidance and engaging teaching, I was better able to understand economics and excel in examinations!

- Jodie Lee Hui Min, NYJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

Materials are comprehensive and straight-forward. Teaching is methodical and thorough. It complements my school lesson rather well except that the pace can be rather different at times.

- Tan Jun An, NYJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Resources given are extremely beneficial and helps me to better understand the different answering techniques and the way to phrase the content. Teacher is willing to go the extra mile to explain the concepts which are different to grasp.

- Tan Wen Xiu Hazell, NYJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

The Indigo Econs programme has really been useful in helping me to consolidate my Econs learning throughout these two years and truly deepen my appreciation for the subject as a whole. From the detailed teaching materials to the engaging lesson delivery, I have truly benefitted and come to see how Econs is not just a subject, but truly something tangible and applicable in our everyday lives. Would like to say a huge thank you to both Mrs. Ip and Mr. Ueng for their guidance these past two years.

- Teo Xi Hui, NYJC, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

It has a wide range of materials to consider apart from school notes.

- Desmond Teo, NYJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

I feel that I made a right choice by choosing to learn economics at indigo even though I only had one term left before A-levels. The notes are very informative, comprehensive and well structured! They are good for revision and I learnt to pick out key points and apply it accordingly to the question. Most importantly, Mrs Ip breaks down concepts to make it easier to understand, together with up to date examples. She never fails to answer my questions comprehensively and patiently. With my own effort as well, I managed to jump from an U to D for prelims then eventually an A for A-levels! Thank you Indigo :)

- Ni Xiao Yin, NYJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Indigo Economics lessons are engaging and they teach relevant economics theories and bring in real world examples to supplement our learning. Mrs. Ip lessons are always clear, succinct and of great relevance. I’ve learnt a lot from the Economics program.

- Melissa Er, NYJC, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

I've learnt how to draw links between topics, better understanding economics as a whole. I've also started to like learning Economics.

- Teh Zhewen Calvin, NYJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Indigo's Economics lessons adopt a very systematic yet engaging approach in relaying the essence of the subject. The resources are highly comprehensive and are used optimally during lessons to enhance the student's learning experience. They are also introduced to the real world application of Economics through a wide-range of current affairs, honing their understanding and igniting their passion for the subject. Mrs Ip is a patient mentor of chummy disposition, making it easy for students to clarify their doubts as and when conceived, even after class hours. The experience offered at Indigo is truly an enjoyable and enriching one.

- Elysia Lim Hui Ping, NYJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Meridian Junior College

The tutor is clear in explaining the concepts and materials are well-organised.

- Mardan Lim Wei Qing, MJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Pioneer Junior College

It definitely has been a good experience attending economics at Indigo. Not only were the teachers extremely patient with us, they also took the effort to ensure all of us understood the various topics. Teachers also took precious time off to address our individual problems and gave advice and tips to score. Notes given are also full of important content and extremely comprehensive.

- Charlene Chong, PJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

Raffles Institution

Economics lessons are well structured and engaging. Materials provided by Indigo have exposed me to varied types of questions, and has allowed me to be more prepared for the potential curve ball questions in exams. Thank you Mrs Ip for your confidence in my abilities to do well. I have definitely improved a lot over the years and gained confidence in my Economic abilities.

- Li Anqi, RI, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

At Indigo, Economics lesson format is well-structured and paced. Explanations in class are also detailed and logical.Thank you Mrs Ip for your guidance and for being approachable whenever I have doubts and need clarifications outside of lessons.

- Charmaine Toh, RI, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

I really like how Indigo teaches Econs lessons as they always want to bring the best out of us. Their aim isn't just simply doing well for exams, but building that interest and exposure about economics to the point that I wish to pursue economics further in university. I'm really glad that I'd chosen indigo as I get to explore more in the field which I like. Thanks so much for all those fantastic lessons Mrs Ip!

- Wang Wei Duo, RI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

The teaching materials provided was really helpful and lessons were very exam oriented as it helped me understand and recall my economics concepts easily. Also, my grades have improved from an E to a B after I enrolled in this tuition so I see it as a good sign.

- Liu Jia Ru, RI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Mrs. Ip is a dedicated and engaging teacher. She is able to break down the complex syllabus into clear evaluative segments, accompanied by easy to remember acronyms. Also, she has helped further my passion by providing insightful answers to my many questions and introducing interesting concepts and evaluative angles to her students. The lesson materials are comprehensive yet succinct, thus providing a holistic package for the A-level economist.

- Christopher Lim, RI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Materials given help me with my phrasing of arguments and going through the answering process in class helps me with my thinking process when doing questions. I find the constant weekly practice very effective such that I don’t forget the concepts.

- Teri Tan Shi Yuin, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Linking of concepts, considering different perspectives for essay/scope of essay. Answering techniques for case study and essay.

- Tan Ying Jie, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Detailed explanation which helps me to apply econs content to case studies/essay. Essays and concise notes are useful. I learnt more about how to approach essay questions and exam techniques Thank you so much for helping me to pull my Econs grade up from D(J1) to B(J2) to A.

- Lim Guan Hui Tricia, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

The materials are very clear and helpful. They complement our school materials which helps in my understanding. Mrs Ip is very patient and clear in her teaching and my understanding of the econs topics have gotten better.

- Darshini Revichandren, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

I truly enjoyed my time at Indigo Economics. With the wide exposure and comprehensive curriculum, I was able to develop an interest in the subject and visualize the link to real world events through application of the concepts. Given the regular assessments, I was able to gauge my performance timely given the constant feedbacks. Additionally, the notes given were exam-oriented, crafted with Economic rigor and analysis. The teacher is bubbly and passionate in explaining the economics concepts, thus clarifying our doubts in greater details.

- Chen Lin Xin, RI, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

I really feel grateful for Indigo Econs. H2 Econs was a completely new arena for me when I just entered junior college. The gap was huge. Mrs Ip helped me to bridge this gap, allowing me to truly understand the framework and fostering my passion for Econs. Then I got my first A for Econs during the first common test. This definitely boosted my confidence for the subject. Now I intend to pursue Econs in the future.

- Li Wenxin, RI, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

The program has benefited me significantly as I got to understand economic concepts from a bigger picture and learn about how the concepts are applied in the real world. Weekly exposure to essay and case study questions also help me to consolidate what I’ve learnt in school. Topical summaries are largely useful as it guides me on how to approach studying the different topics.

- Tang Yurou, RI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Lesson delivery is highly structured and well planned such that related ideas in different questions are linked together. Teacher is very approachable and also well-versed in the subject. Materials are easy to digest and in-depth in terms of content.

- Jack Sun, RI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

The notes and teaching materials are very detailed and specific and it help me to learn better as well knowing what is required of me when writing essays and answering specific questions. I joined the programme only from about halfway through the year (in JC2) and it has really helped a lot with my macroeconomics, as I understand the demands of the essays much better. Mrs. Ip is also a very patient teacher that tries her best to make our lessons more engaging and enjoyable as well as to bring in real life examples about concepts in class so we are aware of what is happening in the world today.

- Alison Chiang, RI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Case study and essay materials are good. Comprehensive materials of good difficulty. Engaging teacher. Learning new stuff not taught in schools in great detail. Understand concepts better.

- Tay Kai Lin, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Syllabus and school content are well-matched, offering a good chance at revision and clarification of content lessons are also clearly explained and cover a good mix of both content and answering technique, proving generally quite helpful. My grades have improved!! :D I do have a better understanding of Economics now, and can better engage with content.

- Sheena Lee Jia En, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Very to the point, engaging, focus on answer structure helps for answering questions and essays, covers area school haven't finished. Mrs Ip is a very engaging, energetic and effective teacher.

- Jeremy Tian, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Materials are helpful as there are a wide range of topics and questions covered and this helps with exam preparation. Teaching is very thorough with concepts and answering techniques which is useful for linking content to exam questions. Lessons make up for the missing gap between school lectures and econs questions. Indigo Econs has given me a lot of practice and experience in tackling questions that has helped prepare me better for tests and examinations.

- Darren Chua Yee Shun, RI, Indigo class of 2014, A in Econs

Before learning Econs in Indigo, I found it challenging to grasp important concepts and frameworks. However, with Mrs Ip's clear and concise explanations on what is needed or not needed in exams, it became second nature to dissect questions and answer them with precision. Besides helpful notes and effective pedagogy, I appreciate Mrs Ip's efforts to know her students personally and she always goes the extra mile to help us - even out of class hours.

- Amanda Ooi, RI, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

In-depth analysis of economic concepts that makes the subject more interesting. Very exam focused notes provided that makes studying economics more straightforward and easy. Teacher is also very helpful and approachable for questions. Overall, a very enriching experience.

- Zhu Zhuohui, RI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Fun, engaging and highly enriching experience which has equipped with me the skills to dissect and tackle econs questions. It has really helped me tremendously to better understand the complex concepts behind econs and develop understanding towards the subject as a whole.

- Ng Jun Wei, RI, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

I started the program some time after term 1 in JC2. My econs grade stagnated at a D for 3 consecutive exams before I finally managed to jump to a B for prelims. What I really appreciate about the program is the fact that we are pushed to analyze and dissect every single question. And shoot for an L3 and E2. There were also very current examples given and articles shared, so that we can keep up to date on current economic affairs, linking them to the JC syllabus. The teacher is clear, concise and effective in delivery, and encourages us to ask questions

- Dennis Looi, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Thank you so much for your patience and kind guidance for econs throughout the past year. The notes that you gave and practices in class were also very useful. Really, thank you so much for helping to pull my econs grade up from D ( J1) to B (J2) to A.

- Tricia Lim, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Materials like sample answers are really in depth and are good for revision. Mrs Ip is a very dedicated teacher who doesn't mind going out of her wat after lesson time to discuss extra questions! Thanks Mrs Ip! Ahead of school lessons at times so it helps with understanding in school.

- Tan Zai Xuan, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

The materials are useful for my revision and help me understand how to approach different questions. The teacher helps me understand key concepts and explains these concepts clearly. I have learnt how to apply more economic framework to my answers and also to analyze questions.

- Samantha Hui En d/o Balraja, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

The lessons reinforce key concepts which help me to better manage different questions types.

- Ho Ching Hsien Claire, RI, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

I feel that the teaching style for essay questions is very effective. In a sense that whenever an essay question was being discussed, it will be broken down bit and bit, deconstructed to the extent that it is covered fully. Sometimes, the teacher will also link the question across topics so that we can see how all the topics actually connect with each other. That said, selection of essay questions were also very apt in a sense that the questions allowed coverage of the entire topic learnt, for example, Which of the 4 macro goals is the most important one? Another learning technique that our teacher taught us, which I found the most effective for me (and probably the best thing I gained from the Indigo econs programme), was to study smart, remember the important parts of topics and being able to write it out fluently.·
- Chong Zhi Yang, RI, Indigo class of 2014, A in Econs

River Valley High School

The tutors are very engaging and taught me many important skills for answering questions in addition to the content. The materials are also extremely helpful and provide me with the extra practice I needed.

- Su Zifeng, RVHS, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Materials are well-organised and clear. Tutors are clear and concise in explaining concepts.

- Lie Chien Chen, RVHS, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

After joining Indigo, my Econs results really improved and I think the content taught is very relevant. Indigo’s content is closely relevant to our school and has definitely benefited me a lot.

- Lee Yue Ern, RVHS, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

St. Andrew's Junior College

The tutors are very engaging and clear of the concepts and try to put them across in a way I can easily understand. Furthermore, provided materials explain the concepts precisely and tells me exactly how to answer and how to approach the question. Indigo has helped to enhance my understanding of the Econs concepts.

- Sharon Hoe Yi Lin, SAJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Exposed to a lot of questions and ideas, sufficient practice material and exercises and helps to build my thinking beyond just school.

- Keenan Kuah Min Jun, SAJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Indigo tutors are engaging and friendly, and the overall learning experience is enriching and pleasant.

- Kim Su Min, SAJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Materials (ans to essays) well elaborated. Consultations with teacher after lessons.

- Joseph Wong, SAJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

I am thankful for all the hard work that has clearly been put in by the Indigo committee to ensure we have a good learning experience.

- Jonathan Loh Jiun, SAJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Materials are well-organised and lessons are easy to follow.

- Bong Keng Yun, SAJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Serangoon Junior College

Lessons here gave me a wider exposure and acts as a form of practice and revision. Indigo offers us a comparative edge in our studies.

- Ho Jia Xuan Valerie, SRJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

I like how organized the centre is, especially how we have the flexibility to choose which days of the week we can attend the lesson. The notes are very helpful as well.

- Clarisse Lai Jing Xuan, SRJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Temasek Junior College

I first joined Indigo after scoring S for Econ, partly because I did not have much interest in the subject and I did not understand the requirements of essays. In lessons, Mrs Ip would reiterate again and again on the common misconceptions of Econs concepts and the scoring points of each. It really improved the rigor of my essays!!  And as I understood the concepts better and better, I actually began to enjoy the subject :-) Lessons at Indigo really teach you how to score in your essays and sharpen your mind to formulate arguments.

- Faith Ng, TJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

Mrs Ip is a very kind and experienced teacher. I feel I have learnt more from her than my own school teacher. Thank you Mrs Ip! I had a good learning experience here.

- Meng Zi Xi, TJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

The bite-sized summaries have been very effective in helping me consolidate my content knowledge. The constant exposure to real life examples, timely practices in class and focus on question dissection also helped me immensely in terms of my application skills. Lessons conducted by Mrs Ip are also very fun and engaging. Mrs Ip was also very quick at helping me identify my weaknesses in the subject on the very 1st lesson with her. Thanks Mrs Ip! I love your lessons!!

- Loi Ly Shan, TJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

The tutors are very good and the materials are extremely useful! My results have also improved during the journey with Indigo.

- Benedict Chua Jun Jie, TJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Mrs Ip is very friendly and answers all my qns. Lessons are detailed and interesting. Notes are well prepared. Complements with my lessons well.

- Renee Seet, TJC, Indigo class of 2015, A in Econs

Victoria Junior College

The lessons are interactive which allows students to actively take part, leading to increased information retention. Thank you Mrs Ip for letting me understand and appreciate how economics can be a beautiful subject - one that explains how the world works from an economist's perspective.

- Justin Ho, VJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs

I find the Economics tuition by Indigo very useful for me because besides essential notes that are easy to absorb, they also provide different perspectives and test us on unorthodox questions to fully allow us to grasp the concepts clearly. This prepares us to ace our exams since we understand instead of memorizing hard facts and concepts. Furthermore, the teachers are very helpful in providing extra guidance whenever needed. Mrs Ip would always answer my questions after class and she would even go to the extent of conducting consultation for us to understand tougher topics.

- Yik Shi Ying, VJC, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Indigo provides relevant useful material, and allows me to discuss my queries with my peers, instead of containing it just because I am not familiar with ‘strangers’ from other schools.

- Ouyang Shulin Shirlyn, VJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

Personally, I did not join the Econs programme in J1, but actually at the beginning of my second year upon recommendation of my family’s friends. I did not expect much from the program initially as I have had attended other tuition programmes preciously and felt like I did not benefit much. But after almost one year spent, I can confidently say that my experience here was a fulfilling and beneficial one, surpassing all my expectations. Firstly, I found the teaching materials; especially the topical exam notes really helpful for consolidation and quick recap of all my facts before the exam. The answers to essays and case material really provided me with in-depth elaboration and analytical skills that I could use in exams. Secondly and most importantly, lessons are always fun and engaging. I have learnt many things that were never taught in school about real-world applications and current economic affairs. I always look forward to coming to class and participating in the informative discussions in class. It definitely made me develop passion for the subject! Mrs. Ip you’re the best! You actually made me start taking interest in Econs and like it! Thank you!

- Ellen Ng, VJC, Indigo class of 2016, A in Econs

Indigo notes are good, broad and useful in studying for the A Levels.

- Chua Zhi Ling, VJC, Indigo class of 2017, A in Econs

I used to be really bad in Economics. Mrs Ip has been more than instrumental in helping me to gain a better grasp on economic terms and consolidating my thoughts. Her bubbly and cheerful attitude makes the classroom environment very uplifting and fun. Materials are concise and thorough. I am really grateful to Mrs Ip as she has definitely helped me to improve my Economics.·       

- Andre Tng Wen Jie, VJC, Indigo class of 2014, A in Econs

Yishun Junior College

The resources are clear cut and condensed, yet rich in scope and detail. The lessons are interactive, allowing students to actively participate,leading to increased information retention. Thank you so much Mrs Ip! I’ve learnt a great deal despite the short time under your guidance.

- Phua Yi Rui, YJC, Indigo class of 2018, A in Econs